Getting fitter and healthier…

I think it is safe to say that working = having a sedentary life. Your chair is your new best friend, you spend about 8 hours together so at the end of the day, it is important to start moving. This June I got the chance to swim with a club two evenings per week and honestly it felt great!

I started slowly with 16 pool lengths in 30 minutes and ended up managing 1.5 km in 57 minutes 🙂 So it is safe to say that improvements can come quickly if you are dedicated and serious about it!

To make sure my efforts were not in vain, I made sure to eat as healthy as possible and discovered new brands. I tried them as you can imagine but I think I can do my own recipe 😉

For breakfast or a snack, I like to eat oat but quinoa would be a nice substitute no? And otherwise I would eat rye bread with something to spread on it, in this case Happy Goat cheese. Finally, around 4PM a nice energy booster could be a Chai Mylk by Rebel Kitchen.

To be honest, I am thinking of making my own version of Mylk since it contains mainly water, coconut milk, date syrup and spice 😉 I can already imagine the fragrance in the kitchen! Yummy!

The Quinoa flakes are nice and the Happy Goat too, what’s nice is that the taste is really natural with no additives at all! I am not a big cheese fan but this one is nice when you have a craving 😉 It goes nicely with butternut squash by the way, in the oven with rosemary…

Another idea was to add grapefruit to my diet, even though I really don’t like bitterness. So cope with the taste I blended the fruit with some dates and it was already easier to swallow! This might be a useful trick for a vitamin and energy combo! ❤


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