Growing Ginger & Turmeric

I like to cook with various flavours and super foods, two of them are Ginger & Turmeric. Here in Brussels, consuming these rhizomes can be expensive especially if you want them fresh and not in powders. On the average, a kilo of fresh bio ginger costs 14€ and I am not even talking about Turmeric :p Since my ginger often produces buds, I said why not just grow it… This is how the story started.

Ginger and Turmeric are two tubers that I leave in my fruit basket, easy to grab and use. After a few days, I usually start to see tubers appearing…What do I do? I cut the piece of ginger where the bud appeared and I plant it:

  • So far any soil seems to work but just in case, I added a lemon and a bit of mashed banana at the bottom of the pot to make the soil more nutritious.
  • I make sure to not completely bury the bud, give it water every day and lots of sunlight.

After a few days, you should see roots appearing… The process is the same with Turmeric.

Since this is my first attempt, I am keeping a careful eye on the plants. Once I see that the roots are well developed and that a stem is growing, I will go for a bigger pot so the tubers can develop with enough space.

What do you grow home and why?


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