Starting new projects

I talk a lot about food but I don’t think I mention that I really like cooking 🙂 So much that I started writing down my recipes. I often check the internet for inspiration, especially vegan recipes and then I tweak them a bit to my liking. I also learned from my mom quite a deal about old Belgian & French recipes. The big old classics are already in this small book of mine.

Why did I start?

I have recipes everywhere and you probably do too 😉 Some are in my head, some are on an old sheet of paper, some come from a book…They come from everywhere and when you try finding them – Good Luck! So since I had an empty book and some free time I decided to start writing down.

Staying organised

Where to start? By keeping in simple! I try to stick to 1 page maximum and I leave the back empty for notes should I ever have any to add. I categorise the recipes by : Meat, Fish, Vegan, Soups, Dressing. So far it makes sense like this and then I alphabetise everything but I am sure it will evolve as I start adding asian recipes :p

My recipes are broken down into ingredients needed and steps to follow. Let’s keep it simple!

So far I wrote 14 pages and should order a refill already because there is so much inspiration!! I am done keeping things in my head or everywhere in the apartment, let’s be organised 🙂

If you would like me to share some recipes, don’t hesitate to say so 🙂


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