Lisbon & Porto this April!

Next month I will travel to Portugal for 7 days and visit the two main cities : Lisbon & Porto. I really like traveling and discovering new cities and I think I don’t do this enough since I started working. Every year I book a trip but I could certainly do more, that’s why I have decided to better manage my holidays!

This year I will make sure to get out of Belgium and to visit :

  • Lisbon & Porto (Portugal)
  • London (UK)
  • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Milan (Italy)

I would love to do more but it might be tricky so let’s stick to what’s realistic 🙂 Lisbon and Porto are planned for April and Amsterdam will be a short weekend city trip in June maybe. I know that I will have to travel again for business to Milan so this time I will combine my visit with a short stay in the Fashion Capital of Italy ❤ That leaves London which would require a long week-end at least because I want to visit the Harry Potter Studio and the Bicester Village 🙂 Let’s see how this will work out!

Regarding Portugal, I have already booked our apartment in Lisbon via AirBnB. I really love the variety of choice this platform offers and the great prices 🙂 I used to book hotels but honestly I much prefer an apartment for myself, in the neighbourhood of my choice and having a local contact to help prepare my trip, plus since it is cheaper I can spend more on other activities 🙂

In Lisbon I will stay in Alfama which is the historical part of the city with its narrow streets, small restaurants and great monuments 🙂 Plus the place that I choose is next to the Tram 28 and 5 minutes away from the station which means it will be easy to take the train to Porto 🙂

I should stay for about 3 days in Lisbon and use a scooter to visit the city (freeeedom!) 🙂 I think it will be a nice experience. I plan also to go for a day to Cascais, Estoril and Sintra and make sure to stop by Bélem.

I have not yet prepared anything for Porto besides the train ticket but I am getting there 😉

Do you have any advice on the must-see in Lisbon & Porto? Good restaurants, useful addresses? 


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