Shopping at Dolci Follie

As I mentioned here I have always liked certain types of lingerie but I thought it was quite hard to find the right shop to buy from. Fortunately I found my happiness these past weeks and added several addresses to my favourites! They include :

  • The Cocotte Shop Paris, a boutique offering a wide range of brands and more specifically Bordelle Lingerie, Tatu Couture, Kriss Soonik, Nadya Sheer and more ❤ I already ordered from this shop and was very happy with my purchase and the handling of the order!! You can check my review here
  • Dolci Follie, a UK shop which also provides amazing pieces from amazing brands…SO many of them! I always find something I love when I visit their pages so maybe I should stop for a little while 😉 Handling and shipping is always neat and quick and the advice are wise. In short I am quite happy with this shop!
  • Mise en Cage, is a Parisian shop where you can find a lot a bondage inspired garments 😀 That means you can find piece from Bordelle, Nichole de Carle, but especially from Mise en Cage itself and trust me, they create must have items! Have a look here.
  • Tatu Couture, is a shop that I recently discovered and never actually tried but I am in love with the style they propose! It is so delicate, sexy yet classy…Nothing vulgar, just the epitome of a woman’s femininity…Their bodies are to die for and trust me when I say I’ll get one this year!
  • Edge O’ Beyond, as I showed you already I shopped their website already once and plan to do so again. I had a particularly good experience with their customer service so I fully trust this brand to make me look the sexiest ever ❤

This is my short list of favourite lingerie shops! Feel free to share any other great shop you know of 😉



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