Gym motivation

I am once again a member of Basic Fit, a gym chain you can find everywhere in Belgium. I am not a big fan of this kind a place for several reasons :

  • I hate cardio, I suck at it and well it’s not motivating to suffer for days after a session;
  • All the machines look complicated to use;
  • I don’t like it when people watch me train…I feel like an idiot in a room full of pro’s;
  • I will not undress in an open changing room…
  • There are germs everywhere … Or so I think :p

And I probably could find you more reasons not to go…Like you have to walk there or take the bus to reach this torturous place. To be honest my couch and cocooning clothes look a lot more charming than the idea of me sweating/suffering in a room full of people watching me.

HOWEVER. My friends decided to go to the gym so I said why not, maybe with friends it would be funnier? Fact is I got my abonment but they never went once with me…Or went at all actually 😀 It took me a week to gather the motivation but I went and tried.

CC at the GYM! Saved this one it doesn’t happen often :p

I arrived wearing my gym cloth already, threw my bag in the locker and hopped on my bike and started pedaling. Morality, I managed to burn 100 calories on that bike and I confirmed that I hate cardio but that I actually recover quite quickly.

I went again the day after, hopped on my bike and started pedaling again. I wanted to hit the Strenght Zone and work my weaknesses but it does look quite intimidating…

  • Free weight and strength zones are filled with men…
  • I couldn’t see a single women working out in that part of the gym…
  • Men are always in group monopolising the machines and actually all the equipment
  • Quite often they’re playing on their mobiles instead of working out but you still can’t kick them off the machine you want to use
  • I never used a machine so first I must figure out how to use them and which one to use

So while pedaling I analysed the situation and all the points above…I definitely have to work on my self confidence OR stop caring and stop giving a fuck. I chose option two, I headed to the “male zone” :p I walked around trying to find a machine I knew and I remembered the Abductor Trainer my boyfriend suggested me to test…I just didn’t know there were two machines xD one to work the inner side of the abductors and one of the outer side…I learned something!

So last week’s achievements include :

  1. Going to the gym;
  2. Doing some cardio : 10 minutes of bike to warm up and 10 minutes to cool down
  3. I went and conquered the free weight & strength zone and several machines
    1. I worked my abductors (inner and outer sides) with a 10-15kg charge;
    2. I found out that I suck at Chest Press even with only 5 kg (the minimum charge), I did 20 reps and my arms started sharking, it still hurt today.
    3. I need to work on my arms and chest if I ever want to be able to do a push up!!
  4. I walked back home after 1h15 of training, slow ok but still…

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