Edge O Beyond Lingerie


Edge O’ Beyond is a lingerie brand from UK that proposes lovely lingerie sets that embellish your curves and bring out all your femininity. I discovered this brand via Instagram and more specifically the account from the LingerieFiles. I have been looking for some nice garments for quite some time, I bought several items from Marlies Dekkers because I liked her style and straps but I missed something more…Classy, Sexy, Feminine.

When I first visited Edge O’ Beyond, I really like what I saw. Every piece is special, made in the UK from premium quality fabrics sourced in Europe: silk, lace, golden plated details… What can I say besides that I fell in love? 🙂

To make an opinion for myself (because it is important to test and not just dream right?), I decided to purchase a bra set that was on sale. I picked the Becca bra, thong and garter belt. The ordering process went smoothly and I was happy with the handling as well! A tracking number is provided so I was able to trace my shipment until it arrived on my desk.


My order was nicely wrapped in silk paper, I received the catalogue of new products and a nice compliment card. The garnements were even nicer once unwrapped than on the website I must say!

It should be noted that whenever I contacted Edge O’ Beyond for fitting information or with any question, I received an answer within 10 minutes…This is the best customer service I have received so far! Especially when I tried on the bra and found that it looked weird on me 🙂 I asked Edge O’ Beyond for advise and they suggested to make the bra a cross over back which solved the issue. But more than that, they offered to make customize the bra for me should I decide to send it back to them! How cool is that?

All in all I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely buy again garnements from Edge O Beyond. At the moment I think I will get the Lyvie set but who knows? 😉


Have you already shopped this brand? What do you think of it?



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