Back on the blog

Happy New Year everybody!

You probably noticed that I’ve been away for quite some time now, well I’ve been buried under an extensive amount of work lately… But anyways, here I am, ready for 2015!

So after Bruges, the Tattoo Convention and my discovery of Ladurée and Meert opening a boutique in Brussels, what’s been going on? Well I lived a little and destroyed my iPhone (At that time I was glad to have my “work” phone).
First, I’ve made some nice fashion acquisitions, can’t stop this addiction I’m afraid. My latest purchases include a jacket from Maje (silver jacquard, absolutely perfect for Christmas and parties), some amazing boots from Vivienne Westwood (sand with straps), I fell in love with a ring from Thomas Sabo (again…) and finally a wonderful black jacket from Patrizia Pepe with some exquisite silver details…

Then, my wish list for 2015 is extending but only with pieces of choice: a good trench, leather pants, some carrés and scarfs, a Céline bag (who knows??). This year, I aim at timeless pieces that make the perfect look, those little things that bring your outfit to the next level effortlessly. Needless to say, Burberry and Vuitton are a must 
In terms of living, we finally have a kickass mattress that I love sleeping on because it is so comfy! Although it did cost a lot, I don’t regret the investment! Damn I sleep well now 😀

I spent Christmas in Brussels but right after I went to Strasbourg to enjoy their Christmas markets! This city is so beautiful and charming, I think I could live there…Just not in winter as we experienced the -10 °C and believe me it was cold and I wasn’t that well prepared. On the way back we stopped in Luxembourg, another city we love and I think I found the perfect (sun)glasses. It was only a 3-day trip but it’s a dream come true as I’ve always wanted to see an authentic Christmas city. I wasn’t disappointed.



Finally on the 31st December I decided to visit the hairdresser, something I don’t do that often because I am never happy with the result. Last time, I went to Savagan and ended up with three blond streaks on both sides of my head…And with my hair colour it was visible and ugly. But I decided to get a new haircut, leaving at the door the idea of playing with my colour and it was a good choice. The result is rather good as you will see (I became a selfie maniac)…





I wish you a Happy New Year and stay tuned for more updates from Brussels!


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