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In Antwerp


Saturday was spent in Antwerp from noon until the evening. I often go to the China town but I never actually visited or shopped there, last week-end this changed. We first went to eat with my boyfriend and two of his acquaintances and then we went to shopping streets. That’s where we split up, the two guys going their own way while us girls explored every brands! It was kind of fun to get to know Julie while buying and exchanging fashion tips :p Both teams met up 2-3 hours later to decide what to do next. We decided to visit a bit more the market place and do some cultural activities instead of just spending money.


Here are some picks of what we ate and saw








We took a break at the Starbuck from the Groen markt, I tried the vanilla cream instead of ordering plain caffeine. It was actually good despite all the ice but it certainly didn’t help with the wind and rain :p


You can find weird combo in the streets of Antwerp, just look at this picture, how much weirder can this be?



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