Panarea Pizzeria in Zaventem


Yesterday was probably the first time that I ate in a restaurant located in Zaventem. A friend recommended the place so we went with her to discover it. It’s a nice pizzeria decorated like the inside of a boat. I really didn’t expected this but it looks really nice and inviting 🙂





The menu is full of specialities and everything seemed tasty so we’ve had a hard time picking our meals :p In the end we went for pasta, shrimps and a pizza in order to taste a bit of everything the chef could cook and I wasn’t disappointed at all!  My shrimps with pesto and veggies were nicely done but not too greasy or green from the pesto, the black pasta with seafood were simply delicious with a nice balance in the tastes. The pizza was a more classical choice but hey some restaurant can mess up pizzas, not here fortunetly.

Something that I like about the place is the nice atmosphere, the staff who is super friendly and everyone working speaks Italian! There are too many restaurants that are supposedly Italian but they do not employ any Italian, so it just has an Italian name but that’s all. So Panarea is a good pick! By the way, the Tiramisu isn’t bad at all!






Address : Heldenplein 5, 1930 Zaventem

Price : 66€ for the food, a cocke, an ice tea, a martina and two glasses of wine.

Rating : Very nice place!!


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