A Brewery/Pub in Evere

Since we moved with my boyfriend to Evere, we haven’t had time to test many restaurant besides Phenix. So on Saturday we decided to go eat in a pub from “Brussels’s Cemetery” area, it’s really close to the apartment and it’s called Brasseries Rustiques. We picked the pub because it seemed nice and had many customers so we were no likely to get poisoned :p. When we entered we were greeted by a nice waiter and a warm atmosphere and we discovered that the place was a bit crowded with Japanese people. I didn’t expect to see many Japanese citizens in Evere as most of them are living in Auderghem and Boitsfort (because there is a Japanese school, restaurants and supermarkets+ book shops) or in Schuman because of the European institutions and business centres being in that district. But apparently we have Japanese neighbours in Evere also, good to know as I want to learn Japanese and cook some nice meals that this culture has mastered. But stealing recipes wasn’t part of our lunch :p

We discovered other neighbours which were really nice and we became familiar with the menu served by the pub. It is quite extensive actually with a wide ranger of sandwiches, pastas and Belgian typical dishes (like carbonades, chicons au gratin) and more. I took a salad with bacon and a poached egg because I wasn’t that hungry and I knew I could steal bits from my big eater of a boyfriend :p He took some paté as a starter and then the jambonneau with mustard sauce …. Sooooo yummy!! I loved that sauce 🙂




Address : Les Brasseries Rustiques : Kerkhof van Brussellaan 155, 1140 Evere

Price: We paid 45€ for a starter, bread, a salad, an enormous Jambonneau with French fries, a coke and two beers

Rating: The atmosphere is nice and warm, Les Brasseries Rustiques are like a neighbours pub were everyone meets. The foods is good and the portions are generous so nothing to complain about!


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