The power of internet

The power of internet fascinates me to no end! Almost every day I discover a new something thanks to this incredible tool. Most often I get inspired by what I see and it keeps me going or refuels my batteries. All of a sudden my brain is working faster than ever….The power of internet 

Lately, I’ve been reading a particular blog that I discovered at the beginning of the week: Cookie+Katie. This well-known blog (never heard of it before though) is a great source of healthy recipes, mostly vegan but I’m sure we can adapt them to make everyone happy. Everything looks so yummy that I want to try something very soon, especially when I’ll be living with my boyfriend at the end of the month. I have a great need for kitchen inspiration at the moment and this find comes at the right time. Now I have tons of ideas of salad and side dishes to accompany any meat meals (my boyfriend loves meat so much that I never managed to get him to eat meals without meat) I’ll be cooking.

vegetarian-tortilla-soup-1 7e9f33d70491994b74ec957b4743cd43 4d95860689fed64d8d05f4b19d10afd2 13d0f55a3c50d301398a881ab3f536fc fe4fffa2c2a07e6ea231d82df2202204 6e0098fbf4d327c107527b8ebf84f085


Where to find all of this?


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