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Japan Expo 2013 – Brussels


Four words summarize the Japan Expo : manga, anime, culture, video games. This 3-day event takes place every year at “Tour & Taxis”, a complex hosting events of all kind. In there you can find whateve you want as long as it has to do with Japanese culture:

  • Mangas
  • Movies & series &OAVs
  • Videos games (oh yes you can try games before they’re out yet)
  • Plushies
  • Goodies
  • Bento
  • Books
  • Cosplay outfits
  • and many more!

I like to attend this event and the other one that we have in March, it’s called Made In Asia. So every year, Brussels hosts two big Japan/manga conventions. I always find something to bring back home, maybe not mangas and animes as I can watch/read them online but I tend to find goodies and arty objects to buy. Plus it’s always cheaper to buy in a convention than in store so why hesitate :p

This year I bought reasonnably, but I spotted some things that I will buy online later on, once we move to our appartment with m BF. For example bento boxes to pack our lunches, they’re so great! and the famous takoyaki pan that I absolutely want!! I’ve waiting for european stores to sell these.

cast-iron-takoyaki-top_1 44-1605-thickbox 44-1606-thickbox 631-1650-thickbox 291-1505-thickbox

All of this can be found on the webstore of the Manga Café :

Beside this great discovery, I bought a nail stamping kit from Konad, I always wanted to give it a try so we’ll see if it works great or if I should continue  doing my own little design as simple as they are :p

I also got myself a cute kitty charm to put on my desk at work, I already have one home but I love it sooooo much that I had to put one in the office 🙂 the seller called it a Feng Shui Ornament but wether it works or not, it’s just too cute. I think in japanese it’s called a Maneki Neko. I bought it in red, the color of my birth day (sunday) for 5€.


And then I got introduce to the Gardians of Okinawa, the dog statues that are almost everywhere and protect homes. They go by pair, a male with his mouth open to keep evil away and the female with her mouth shut to keep all the good in the house. I must say I love it and I learned something interesting after earing the whole story. This is the kind of ornament with a meaning that I would buy. I’ve always had my own religion when it comes to spirituality, talisman and the likes, I pick what seems to have a real long history, a sort of background in a specific culture. So for example, Buddha statues are welcome in my home, Maneki Neko as well, Gardians also, talisman from Thailand too, a dream catcher or a cross occasionnaly but that’s about it. It must have a real meaning.  Too often you have charlatans/quacks selling you anything and everything they can, telling it’s a must have for you own good but truly, you should just follow your feelings, does this stuff means something to you? What did you feel when you saw it? Did you connect with it? I got this back and red small version, it fits with my personnality I think 🙂 They’re crafted in Okinawa by local and it seems to take quite a while to finish a pair as everything is done by hand. So every piece is specific, you won’t find twice the same.

shiasmine  shisas2

So yes you can find your peace and protection wherever you go 🙂 I supposed if it was meant for you you’ll find it on your way 🙂 So these are my new companions, protecting my home and cheering it 🙂

photo(58) photo(59) photo(61) photo(62) photo(65) photo(64) photo(66)


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