Notes sucrées – Carte Noire

17 Oct

O’ren – Team Medusa

8 Oct

You may have heard that a Belgian fashion brand is making its way to the top and bloggers are starting to spread the word! O’ren is a Belgium based, High end Prêt-a-porter clothing brand creating probably the best sweaters of the season! Have a look



How cool are these sweaters?! This particular line “Collection Capsule Olympus” is inspired by antic Greece and its gods! Personally, I love the design of this line and it looks nicely cut :) Will definitely buy one from the #TeamMedusa for 89€ :D

Check their facebook account for more picture!

Isabelle Marant for H&M

3 Oct

These boots have been out for quite some time but I never got the chance to buy them. Very few H&M in Brussels had them when they were launched and I missed them online but I didn’t loose hope! In time they would be mine and since very recently…They are indeed mine :) Blogger Linda Juhola from MyCosmo sold them to me for 80€, I gave them to the shoemaker for a little refreshing (sole mainly the rest was in perfect condition) and now they’re as new. So by waiting not only did I end up with a new pair of booties in my dressing but I saved money –> best combo ever :) Patience is a virtue!

I must say that they are very comfy and easy to pair with any outfit, I am totally happy with my purchase :)


Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

24 Sep


Early this month we celebrated the famous Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a Festival celebrated in Asian countries that reunites friends and families, also it had an other meaning decades (and centuries) ago. I consider this Festival a sort of Thanksgiving but that’s a personal feeling.

What happened then on that night?

We ate several Chinese dishes (that I managed to cook nicely :p), lit up lanterns and ate together the delicious Mooncakes, the last part being my favourite :) There are several sorts of cakes, the original one is made of red-bean paste and has in its centre two egg yolks. These days, moon cake makers are getting more and more creative (if not eccentric), contesting even to bake the best tasting and most beautiful cakes…They are so pretty I don’t even want to eat them haha! The boxes usually contain 4 cakes and are super nice too, I keep them every year.



Home inspiration

20 Aug

Hello there :)

I am still looking for an apartment or a house (yes I just enlarged my search range) in Brussels but so far I’ve not been too successful. Either it was super nice looking but too small, or big but falling apart…or it just didn’t feel like the right place for me. In any case, I am looking for inspiration on Pinterest and THAT feels good :)












Skull is the new trend

5 Aug


Just discovered these beauties :) I always liked candles but these definitely need to join my collection! Fire and creepy go so well together :)
From what I understand it all started with a Kickstarter Project and now the candles can be bought online from different website. The wick will burn for about 20 hours and slowly melt the wax to reveal the skull of the cat.

Love it! What do you think?





Eclairs et Gourmandises

24 Jul

Good god I was pissed not to have my phone with me when I visited this shop… I wasn’t planning on going there but what do you know, sweets got the better of me :) This shop specialises in a pastry called in French “Éclair” but they do not stick to the usual chocolate éclair, they innovate! And believe me it’s mouth watering…whether it is sweet or salty.

Look at this and tell me what you think or if you already tried these delicious treats




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