Eclairs et Gourmandises

24 Jul

Good god I was pissed not to have my phone with me when I visited this shop… I wasn’t planning on going there but what do you know, sweets got the better of me :) This shop specialises in a pastry called in French “Éclair” but they do not stick to the usual chocolate éclair, they innovate! And believe me it’s mouth watering…whether it is sweet or salty.

Look at this and tell me what you think or if you already tried these delicious treats



The Blue Elephant

23 Jul

The Blue Elephant is probably the first Thaï restaurant to have opened its doors in Brussels…30 years ago! Yes you read correctly 30 years ago. But what’s even more incredible is its strong reputation as one of the only true Thai restaurant in Brussels and the longevity of this establishment. The reason for this success would be that not only does this restaurant give you a feel of the Thai atmosphere but you will discover what thai food should taste like.

I have travelled in Asia since I was 14 , mostly in Thailand and I was surprise to find a restaurant that did not accommodate its menu to foreigners ‘tastes. When I go to the Blue Elephant, it’s like eating in Thailand, you get to enjoy dishes that I would only eat when on vacation. The best way to discover the Blue Elephant is to come around noon on a Sunday and taste the Brunch formula. This way you get to taste many delicacies, from starters to deserts, and eat as many as you like!

If you enjoyed this experience and would like to replicate it at home, there is nothing easier as the Blue Elephant offers classes on the first and last Thursday of the month (16h-20h). You will learn about the herbs used in the Thai cuisine and cook a salad, a curry and a wok that you eat afterwards. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Check the brunch I enjoyed for Belgium National Day (21st of July).







Bruxelles ma belle

15 Jul











If I have been away…

3 Jul

…It would be because I may have found my dream apartment :) 10 minutes away from the office, ground floor, with a 50m² garden and a big terrace; not to mention that this apartment is fully renovated !! I have been hunting for a while now but this one seems promising which is why I will visit on Saturday. For the moment I can only judge what I see on picture but if it’s anything close to reality, it could be a dream come true!






Cuberdons – A regional product going International

2 Jun


Who said that the Cuberdon has anything to envy to its cousins macaroons and pralines? Nothing believe me! If until recently this Belgian delicacy was seen as a mere candy, some worked hard to develop a strong/classy/chick brand to turn this regional product into a “must have”!

Belgian Cuberdons has managed to develop a real line and business surrounding cuberdons by creating more flavours, syrups, and more… But of course also by positioning the Cuberdon has a luxury product! At first you would only see the shop sign at Caméléon (Private sales which is already a place accessible only on invitation that is saying something) but now Cuberdons can be enjoyed at “La Terrasse”, the launch of the new Porsch or Cannes!


Cuberdons Léopold are now developing cuberdon flavoured ice-cream that can be enjoyed at ROB (Gourmet grocery shopping), and more delicacies to find at La Terrasse or at an eveining opening in Fransisco Ferrent shop…


The Cuberdon is becoming the Luxury regional product that you would stumble upon whenever you go to a select event! Those who saw the potential of the cuberdon are now reaping the rewards of their work! Not giving up is paying big time!


A simple delicacy

Cuberdons are made of sugar, Arabic gum (acacia resin) and fruity flavours (mainly raspberry).

Haven’t tried it yet?? You know what to do!


Can you guess

30 May

Can you guess

Can you guess what the next article will be about?

Les Brasseries Rustiques

30 May

If you check from time to time my blog, you may have read about a pub in Evere called “Les Brasseries Rustiques” (see here). Well we went back on Wednesday with a friend to confirm that this was a good address and we definitely did!

I ordered their Shrimp-Salmon salad and my boyfriend + friend took a meat “fondue”. I am not sure of the name in English but basically you cook raw meat in a pot full of boiling oil :)
The kitchen is open until 10.30pm so we were lucky to get food when we arrived around 10 :p The atmosphere was that of a real pub with its regular customers sipping their beer or something stronger. When we received our food we were pleased because the fondue was a “all you can eat” type of order so my meat lovers were super glad we picked this pub out of the many places we could choose from. The meat plate was generously served, we had French fries and salad…It was lovely! and there were so many sauces that there is no way you couldn’t have the one you liked most.

We ordered a second serving of meat and I finished all my place (salad). I really like the neat presentation and that the chef didn’t count the shrimps, the parmesan or the salmon. The portion was generous as well!



We left around 11.30pm, the pub was almost empty at the time. We paid 69€ (drinks included : 1bottle of wine, 2 cocke, 1 martini) which isn’t expensive for a real all you can eat that was delicious. We were three so that makes 23€/pers. For an impeccable service, generous portions and a super nice waiter I’d say it’s a good bargain ;)


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